Products Liability and Arbitration

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The manufacturer (natural or legal person) is always responsible for the quality of its products. Victims of poor quality food or goods have the right to hire a lawyer and seek compensation.

Types of product defects:

  • Manufacturing defect
  • Defect in construction

Also, the manufacturer may be held liable for failure to warn of potential risks. If the product did not have a color-coded hazard warning label (red, orange, yellow) and a description of the possible consequences, the manufacturer would be held criminally liable.

Three types of product liability:

  • Criminal negligence
  • Strict responsibility
  • Violation of warranty

Class-action lawsuit

If many people have suffered from a poor quality product, they can file a class-action lawsuit. Such lawsuits are often filed for mass food poisoning. Or if a defective batch of goods was released and several people suffered from this. Even if they live in different cities, states can team up and file a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer.