Asylum in the United States does not only mean asylum for political reasons. It is just one of many reasons why the United States can grant a person refugee status.

Eligibility for asylum in the United States

People who have citizenship of other countries, who are persecuted in their home country for some reason, can receive asylum in America. For example, it can be persecution because of nationality, political beliefs, sexual orientation, religion. These reasons should not be far-fetched but real and very serious.

A person must prove that his life is in danger in his homeland because there he is threatened, persecuted. Such proof can be the protocols of the local police, medical certificates, publications in the media. If the person has not yet begun to threaten but fears that it will start soon, you also need to provide strong evidence for such fears.

Even immigrants who have crossed the US border illegally can apply for asylum in the United States; they still have the right to file a petition for asylum.

When can you submit documents?

Foreigners staying one year in the United States have the right to do this. But if a person has remained in the States for more than a year, he can explain why he cannot go home. For example, the political situation has changed because returning is life-threatening, as the persecution will begin.

How to get refugee status

First, you need to fill out Form I-589 and attach the most detailed description of your life situation and persecution at home. Also, a plus will be arguments about why a person cannot live in some other country except the United States and his homeland. Such evidence can be threatening letters published in the media. All this must be attached to Form I-589.

USCIS will confirm when received application. But in some cases, it takes even several years to wait for an invitation to an interview.

Suppose 150 days have passed since your asylum application, and you have not yet been summoned for an interview. In that case, you need to issue a social security number (SSN – social security number) and a work permit. For this, form I-765 is filled out. Within 1-2 months after that, a work permit comes to the post office. Then the SSN is issued.

Asylum interview in the USA

The Immigration Service will inquire in great detail about everything that is written in the application. Do not be surprised. It is not an exception but a common practice. Therefore, you need to prepare for the interview. If you have insufficient knowledge of English, it is imperative to hire a translator. You also need to answer without ambiguous wording.

This legal procedure is complicated to go through on your own without the services of a lawyer. It is easier to pay for his services without trying to save money initially. In this case, the chances of obtaining asylum in the United States increase many times over. 

How to get a green card and American citizenship for a refugee

If your asylum application is approved after living in the United States for a year, you must complete Form I-485 to receive a green card. Four years after receiving it, documents for citizenship are submitted.

How to take children and wife (husband) to the USA for a refugee

You can do this no later than two years after receiving asylum in the United States. You will need to fill out Form I730.

How to travel as a refugee if there is no green card

If the asylum application is approved, but the green card is not yet available, the refugee is issued a travel passport (temporary passport for travel). Everyone who has agreed on asylum case in the United States receives it.