Healthcare Proxy

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You can appoint a relative or friend to act as a representative to make all medical decisions if you lose the ability to do it independently. You need to sign Health Care Directives. Medical workers will be obliged to comply with your representative’s wishes as if they were your own will.

You can indicate all your wishes, which your representative will be obliged to adhere to in Health Care Directives strictly. There you can also indicate the permission or prohibition on the use of your organs as a donor.

Any person who has reached the age of 18 can be such a representative. It doesn’t have to be your relative. Your doctor cannot be your representative.

It is essential to discuss how you would like him to act in certain situations with your representative in advance. But it is better to record all this in writing in Health Care Directives. We must try to take into account as many possible scenarios as possible. But remember that it is impossible to foresee everything, so it is likely that the representative will have to make decisions on his own in unforeseen situations.

Your representative would not be held liable in any way for any decisions made on your behalf if those decisions were made in good faith.