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You can rent both residential and nonresidential real estate in the United States, intended for offices, industrial premises. As for residential real estate, there are 4 types in the United States:

1. Apartments

These are separate apartments in apartment complexes owned by the management company. The lease agreement is concluded with this company. Such complexes often have common recreation areas, such as spacious halls with sofas, bowling areas, gym, lounge area. The cost of renting in such complexes is always more expensive. Any issues, such as a broken socket or door lock, are very quickly resolved through the manager of the complex.

2. Condos

These are the same apartments, but each has its own owner. The lease agreement is concluded with the condo owner. The rental price is lower than in apartment complexes. All issues of breakdowns or inconveniences in rented housing will have to be resolved directly with its owner.

3. Private houses

They are rented out by the owners, the contract is made with them.

4. Room in an apartment or in a house

This rental option is very popular among students.

Remember that, in the United States, the number of rooms listed is just the number of bedrooms. That is, it can be a studio apartment, as in one room with space zoning. If it is indicated that this is a 1 bedroom apartment, then this is an analogue of a Russian 2room apartment, that is, there is one bedroom and a living room, but the living room can be combined with the kitchen or the kitchen will be a separate room. If 2 and 3 bedroom apartment are specified, then bedrooms are added in addition to the living room and kitchen.

It is also worth noting that, in the United States, there are apartments with ordinary bedrooms, that is, there is a window, and the wall separating from the rest of the rooms is a fullfledged wall and reaches the ceiling. But there are also economy options for apartments where there is a partition made of thin material between the living room and the bedroom, which does not reach the ceiling, and there is no window in the bedroom itself. Accordingly, renting such apartments is cheaper than with a full bedroom.

The following requirements must be met to rent:

Proof of solvency, that is, that you have a job or there is enough money in your bank account to pay for several months of rentif you have been living in the United States for a long time, you can use credit history instead. However, if you have recently immigrated, landlords require proof of solvency.

History of housing rental. If you have previously rented housing in the United States, there is information about you in the databases, so if you had significant delays in paying rent costs, it can make it difficult for you to find housing in the future.

Additional costs when renting housing in the United States:

In addition to rent, you will have to pay separately for all utilities

Pay for the Internet

Pay for parking

Pay a specific amount monthly for each pet. The amount is set by the landlord and it is fixed in the lease agreement.

You need to draw up a lease agreement and understand all its subtleties only with a lawyer. There can be a lot of pitfalls in such treaties. For example, you need to make sure that under the contract the landlord will refund you the amount of the original pledge, which is taken in case you spoil the property in the apartment. The contract also specifies payments upon eviction, for example, the tenant may be obliged to do professional cleaning at their own expense, that is, not independent, but to use the services of a cleaning company. A lawyer will help to understand all these nuances.