Prenups and Postnups

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 Prenuptial agreements (contracts) in America govern:

• How valuable property will be acquired in marriage?

• What will be the procedure for further management and disposal of this property?

• What is the contribution of each of the spouses to the maintenance of this property?

• What is the participation of both parents in the upbringing of children, their education?

• Personal non-property relations. Even such trifles as who will clean the house, go to the store, etc., can be prescribed in the marriage contract. But in court, these provisions are taken into account by the judge very rarely.

• In case of violation of the contract terms, which property sanctions for both spouses will be.

To draw up a marriage contract, you need:

• Information about all valuable property, financial assets, income, as well as their debt obligations, if any.

• The lawyer must record the fact of the voluntary signing of the contract by both future spouses.

Foreign women (foreigners) who want to marry a citizen of the United States should be cautious when drawing up and signing such a contract, especially if they don’t know English well. In this case, it is better to go to a lawyer to explain the contract’s line to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences in the future. Also recommended to stipulate in the contract the obligations of your future spouse to pay all your expenses.

You can terminate a marriage contract in the United States only in court:

• One of the spouses proves that he was forced to sign the contract.

• One of the spouses proves that the terms of the contract are unfair for him. He is burdened with unbearable obligations.

• Divorce of spouses.• One of the spouses died.