Settlement Agreements

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The divorce process in the United States depends on specific life circumstances. It will be as simple and quick as possible for a couple who do not have children and common property and have a mutual desire to divorce. Difficulties are encountered if a couple has children if one does not want to get divorced and in the presence of the common property. In these cases, you cannot do without the help of a lawyer.

Stages of divorce in America:

1. First, one of the spouses must file a divorce petition. It is necessary to indicate the reasons for it. There are many reasons for a quick and hassle-free divorce, but the list may differ in each state.

2. If a couple has children or one of the spouses is financially dependent on the other before applying, you must also write an application for an interim order. It makes it possible to obtain temporary custody of children before the start of the proceedings in court.

3. The party that filed for divorce is obliged to send to the spouse a summons, which has information on the divorce petition.

4. If your wife or husband does not want to get divorced and has objections, for example, regarding the specified reasons for the divorce or the division of property, they have the right to go to court.

5. Next, negotiations take place. This is a court hearing during which the parties come to a compromise. If both do not agree on custody of the children, they are transferred to the social service and a lawyer is appointed to protect the interests of the children. Also, at this stage, the issue of the division of property is considered.

6. If no compromise is found during the court hearing, the case is referred to the court and court proceedings begin. This process is more time consuming and much more expensive. Therefore, it is in the interests of both to reach a compromise at the hearing, so that the case does not come to court.