Living Wills

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An expression of will is not legally binding and cannot be enforced. It is simply a way for an individual to state their wishes that do not concern valuable property, typically related to funeral arrangements and the disposal of their belongings.

The following information is often included in an expression of will:

– Consent or prohibition of opening the body in the morgue

– Withdrawal of organs

– Cremation

– Burial location

– Religious funeral ceremony

– Who is entrusted to carry out the final wishes

– Disposal of belongings of sentimental value

While an expression of will is not legally binding, it can be helpful in communicating an individual’s wishes to their loved ones. It is important to note that if the realization of the expression of will depends on finances, it is best to bequeath something of value to cover those costs. Additionally, relatives of the deceased should inform the employees of the morgue of any wishes regarding autopsy or organ donation.