Other cases (VAWA, U-visas etc)

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Religious visa R-1

On it, rabbis, priests, mullahs, and other employees of religious organizations can enter the United States. To obtain it, you must confirm that in the United States, religion-related work will take at least 20 hours a week. You can also take your children and your husband (wife) with you. After a while, you can get a green card.

Work visa L-1

For employees who are transferred to work in an American company from a foreign one. Only for those employees who are real experts in their work, fully understand production technologies, have complete knowledge of the company’s products or services, and have worked in this company at home for at least 1 year. Issued for 1-3 years with the right to renew.

EB-2 work visa

For employees with exceptional ability in their field. In the United States, there must be an employer interested in such a person. You will need to prove your exclusivity, some special abilities, achievements in science, medicine, art, sports, or other areas.

P-1, P-2, and P-3 visas for creative professions, entertainers, athletes

P-1 visa – for athletes with international recognition (singles for 5 years, as part of a team for 1 year), for artists with international recognition (for 1 year as part of a group, singles are not issued).

P-2 visa is for artists and entertainers entering the United States through an exchange program.

P-3 visa – to artists and performers participating in workshops, performances, and similar programs recognized as unique.

O-1 visa (for talented people)

For people who have reached the highest level in some area thanks to their unique abilities and talents. For example, it can be outstanding scientists, doctors, athletes. A person must be known to the whole world for his talents. It is issued for 3 years, but if a specific project in which a person will participate, they can be issued for a longer period.

H-1B Nonimmigrant Worker Visa

Allows foreigners to legally and long-term work in American companies that lack qualified employees. It is issued for 3 years, but then it can be renewed for 6 years. You can pick up your spouse and children in the USA.

EB-1 visa extraordinary ability

For scientists, athletes, business people, cultural figures, heads of international companies with high achievements in their field. But it will be necessary to prove how their US activities will advance the United States’ national interests.

Nonimmigrant U visa for crime victims

For people who have been abused (physically or mentally) and work with US law enforcement or government officials to investigate a crime. Issued for 4 years.

Nonimmigrant T visa for victims of human trafficking

Issued to those who have been victims of human trafficking and cooperate with US law enforcement officers to help investigate this crime. Issued for a maximum of 4 years. It gives the right to work in the United States, to receive benefits and cash assistance.