Wrongful Death

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Wrongful death is cases when a person died as a result of negligent, unintentional actions of another person.

For example, it can be death as a result of an accident, because of goods with a defect, because of medicines or medical devices, due to doctors due to medical errors.

Each state has its own nuances about compensation for damage to the relatives of the deceased.

In this case, claims can be filed by the spouse, adult children, parents, other relatives of the deceased. But it is important to meet the statute of limitations, after which the plaintiff will no longer be able to receive compensation for damages.

Damage to life is always both material and moral. Material loss is expressed in a very specific amount. these are the costs of relatives for medical care for the victim before his death, the costs of the funeral, and the damage of the loss of the breadwinner of the family. Moral damage is more difficult to express in the form of a specific amount, since it is impossible to compensate for the loss of a loved one with money. Still, relatives have the right to claim monetary compensation for their moral damage.

In some cases, the court may also decide on additional penalties in excess of the amount claimed by the plaintiff. The purpose of such fines is to punish the defendant for his reckless behavior, which resulted in the death of a person, as well as to edify others to make this case a loud and illustrative example of responsibility.

It is morally very difficult to defend your rights in court in case of loss of a loved one. It’s better to entrust it to a professional lawyer.